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Information Brochure
Information Brochure

"Selecting a Real Estate and Auction Company with honesty and integrity is as easy as calling Farmer-Stockman Realty and Auction, LLP."

Farms - Ranches - Residential - Commercial - Industrial - Exchanges
Judicial Receiverships - Farm Equipment - Construction
► Larry Lusher, Colorado Champion Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker.

► Licensed real estate broker in Colorado and Kansas.

► Our company has "SOLD" some of the largest farm and ranch properties in Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas topping other sales records.

► Has an experienced staff for advertising, promoting, marketing and closing the transaction.

► Larry and Susan Lusher and our representatives as brokers for Farmer-Stockman Realty and Auction, LLP continually take classes to stay current with the ever changing real estate laws and practices.

► Our company has an excellent working relationship with many lenders. We pride ourselves in doing everything possible to assist the buyers to qualify for a loan and completing all of the other requirements in their purchase agreement to close the transaction.

► "SOLD." there is nothing quite like the sound of "SOLD" by the auctioneers of Farmer-Stockman Realty and Auction, LLP.

► Farmer-Stockman Realty and Auction, LLP properly lists your real estate to be placed on the market and prepares sales contracts between the buyers and sellers using the required forms mandated by the State of Colorado and Kansas. Legal council is used when applicable.

► It is part of Farmer-Stockman Realty and Auction, LLP standard service to assist the sellers in setting up, sorting and preparing your personal property for auction. Selling property in the proper sequence is essential.

► Farmer Stockman Realty and Auction, LLP is a full time real estate and auction company.
► Our advertising techniques include extensive mailing lists of prospective buyers marketing on the world wide internet.

► Given the opportunity, we know we will quickly gain your complete confidence and through our combined efforts, a successful auction will become a reality.

► Selling real estate and personal property at auction has become the preferred way of marketing "NOT" the "have-to" way.
Licensed Broker in Colorado & Kansas!
Larry Lusher - Real Estate Broker & Colorado Champion Auctioneer
Susan Lusher - Associate Real Estate Broker
"Under all is land, our professionals will lend you a hand!"